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IR issues of note in the upcoming Federal election

Well, it’s that time again, when we are all ambushed by political campaign advertisements into how we should or should not vote. In early-May 2016, the Prime Minister approached the Governor General on the back of two pieces of legislation that were continually...

How Childcare Centres Can Save and Thrive

Since 2012 daycare costs have skyrocketed for parents by almost 40%, with fees charged likely to only continue to grow. The chief culprit of these excessive increases is the former Gillard Labor Government, who mandated childcare centres had to hire more and...
ABCC – to be or not to be?

ABCC – to be or not to be?

Imagine if someone considered it perfectly acceptable to call you a “slut” at your workplace, or you had a burly visitor to your work area threaten to punch you in the face, as he stood menacingly a few inches from you, spitting bile at you. Why is stamping out such...
Social Media and Dismissal

Social Media and Dismissal

Can/should you be dismissed for being ‘offensive’ on social media without any connection to your employment? In recent years sportspeople, celebrities and media personalities have come under increasing scrutiny for their conduct outside of work hours with their...


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