Elise Jasper




Elise graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and a Bachelor of Arts from Monash University, and is passionate about workplace relations. She has been a member of the Industrial Relations Society of Victoria and worked at a well-known mid-tier law firm in a financial services role helping businesses to tackle and solve operational and compliance issues.

Elise has a strong interest in understanding human thought and behaviour, having studied Psychology at University. She is skilled at identifying interests and motivations in order to achieve optimal outcomes for both employers and employees in work arrangements.

Elise is driven to develop positive change, and has been involved in multiple advocacy campaigns regarding reducing exploitation in clothing production. She has spent time working at Community Legal Services providing legal advice to those who would not otherwise afford it.

In her spare time, Elise enjoys playing classical piano, and previously worked as a piano teacher. She speaks fluent Italian and enjoys keeping fit. She recently completed her first sprint distance triathlon.