Work Health & Safety and Worker’s Compensation

Specialist advice on managing your safety and compensation risks


We offer a range of workplace health and safety (WHS) specialist assistance to help you manage safety risks in your organisation:

Site Safety Audits

We attend your worksite and perform a multi-hour detailed analysis of your current work practices relating to safety, including a ‘gap analysis’ of what you have in place, what needs updating and/or what’s missing from your safety systems. We compile detailed Audit Reports which are an essential tool for plugging any gaps in your safety systems and demonstrate your proactive steps to comply with safety requirements.

Wouldn’t you like the peace of mind to know your site safety practices are compliant and ‘up to scratch’ before a WorkSafe inspection or, of more concern, you have a serious safety incident occur with one of your family, co-workers or the general public on your site? Contact us today to organise your site safety audit.

Safety Manuals and Guides

We develop Work Health and Safety (WHS) manuals that provide organisations with a comprehensive, structured, clear and concise safety management system that complies with relevant legislation, regulation and Codes of Practice. We can tailor our manuals to your industry-specific risks and needs.

Our comprehensive manuals include such essentials as a Health and Safety Plan, Hazard Reporting, Incident Reporting, Emergency Procedures and Workplace Inspection Procedure. 

Every workplace needs an up-to-date, detailed WHS Manual. Contact us today to ensure yours is in shape.

Incident Investigation

In the event of a WHS incident, our advisors are available immediately to provide advice on how to manage the incident or conduct post-incident investigations.


Feeling overwhelmed with the complexity and hassle of managing workers’ compensation in your organisation?  Feel like no one is in ‘your corner’ when it comes to managing (or contesting) a ‘compo’ claim which has been lodged against your company?


Our experts can help you with Workers’ Compensation claims management and prevention. We partner with your managers/RTW Coordinators to help get injured workers back to work, reduce high claim rates and high insurance premiums, and identify and mitigate risks which may lead to claims. We can also liaise with your insurer on your behalf.

Our specialist services also include:
  • supporting your managers and RTW Coordinators in complex case management;
  • assisting your managers to respond to claims in relation to non-work related injuries and illnesses, and liasing with insurers during incident investigations;
  • assistance and representation at Conciliations;
  • managing back (or managing out) long term injured employees who have an inability to perform the inherent requirements of their pre-injury or pre-illness position in the foreseeable future;
  • arranging for medical opinions on a worker’s condition and assisting you to actively engage with a worker’s treating doctor; and
  • identifying (through our WHS Audit / Health Check service) early warning signs of work practices or areas which might lead to workers’ compensation claims exposure, and implement early intervention plans or educate managers on how to mitigate that risk.