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Conflicts are an inevitable part of life – particularly our work life. People have different ideas, approaches and working habits, and sometimes they clash. People also make mistakes, upset people and butt heads from time to time.

We can help you resolve conflicts in your workplace or business, and avoid stressful, expensive and time-consuming disputes that may end up in court or tribunal.

With years of experience in workplace relations, our team will ensure your workplace is harmonious, productive, and focused on your business requirements and goals – not people conflict. Plus with our fixed fees you can be sure you’re getting value for money.



Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a proven way of resolving conflicts before they escalate to outright disputes, complaints or applications.

Examples of ADR include mediation or facilitation conferences which involve getting parties in dispute together to talk and work out a solution with the help of an impartial, trained and expert mediator or facilitator.

With ADR, parties can vent their frustration, their hurt and their pain, and identify their shared interests (often as simple as resolving the dispute and moving on) in a safe and respectful environment without the formality, intimidation and cost of going to court or tribunal.


Relationships in business are critical. The quality of your relationships within your business as well as with others outside your business affect your productivity, your reputation and your bottom line.

With that in mind, not all conflict needs to become a dispute. With the right mediation or facilitation, even the most hotly contested, emotional and serious conflicts can be resolved to leave your relationships and reputation in tact, and save you the time and costs involved in litigating disputes.


HOw we help

We have trained and experienced mediators and facilitators who work with parties (and their lawyers or representatives) to resolve conflicts and disputes early.

We can also advise and represent you in court ordered mediations and conferences.

Contact us today to meet one of our mediators and facilitators and discuss how we can help.

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Catherine Crowley<br>Director
Catherine Crowley
Swisse Vitamins
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Mark recently assisted us in managing a challenging and sensitive situation. We found Mark and his team to be professional, pragmatic and solutions-oriented.
Matt Windsor<br>General Manager
Matt Windsor
General Manager
Man With A Van
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Workplace Wizard’s help and advice has been practical, straightforward and extremely useful when guiding us through some of the more technical parts of our workplace relations.
Sandy Nikakis<br>HR Manager
Sandy Nikakis
HR Manager
Baby Bunting
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Mark regularly advises us when we need an external specialist for industrial relations, employee and workers’ compensation issues. He gives us immediate advice whenever we need it.
Textile Company
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Over the last 5 years, Mark Ritchie has guided us through a variety of issues covering industrial relations and human resources. He quickly identifies intricate issues and provides solutions.
Manufacturing Company
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Mark Ritchie has provided our business with industrial relations expertise and guidance since 2009. He has been a trusted partner on several enterprise bargaining negotiations.
Rob Lynch<br>HR Officer
Rob Lynch
HR Officer
Position Partners
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Mark Ritchie has provided our business with industrial relations expertise and guidance since 2009. He has been a trusted partner on several enterprise bargaining negotiations.
Michelle Wood
Michelle WoodExecutive Officer
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"Timely and comprehensive advice and resources. The whole team are very supportive and understand the complexities of managing HR in modern businesses. They are knowledgeable, reliable, very diverse in their skills and expertise, responsive anad highly efficient. They ensure they provide not just information, but explanation, which assists in the gaining of knowledge and understanding. Importantly, they are personable - they are always pleasant, patient and engaged."
Anonymous, Business Leader
Anonymous, Business Leadervia
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"Professional, good to work with, responsive. Excellent strategic advice tailored to our business needs. Follow through of strategic advice with solid detailed execution. Allows us to access important legal smarts inside a workable budget for our business size."