Workplace Bullying, Discrimination And Harassment Training

Protect your organisation by reducing organisational risk and ensuring your staff know what the acceptable standards of workplace behavior are. 

The law is very clear – employers can be held liable under vicarious liability provisions for any incidents of unlawful discrimination, harassment and bullying that occur in the workplace staff. Accordingly, it is essential that employers take proactive measures to prevent these situations from occurring in the workplace.

Also, in the event of an ‘issue of concern’ or a ‘complaint’ is made, employers must be able to successfully manage that concern/complaint. This course will assist participants to successfully managing workplace behaviors, and use early intervention methods to ensure issues are ‘nipped in the bud’.

With the right harassment awareness training programs, you’ll be able to improve workplace culture and minimise issues down the line to create a safe and healthy workplace.


For employee sessions – everyone! Various State discrimination laws make compliance training such as this mandatory if an organisation is to demonstrate it has taken proactive, and all reasonable steps to ensure all its staff members are aware of their obligations.

Our leader’s session should be attended by executives, general managers and those responsible for supervising staff.


This essential compliance course will enable participants to:

  • Understand both the theoretical and practical implications of preventing and managing discrimination, sexual harassment, unlawful harassment, and bullying in your workplace
  • Implement workplace strategies to assist in being more proactive and preventative in addressing ‘equity and diversity issues within your workplace
  • Understand the core principles you can implement to successfully manage both informal and formal complaint resolution.
Workplace Bullying and Harassment Training


This 3-hour course on the ‘do’s and don’ts’ around ‘appropriate workplace behaviour’ can be tailored to your exact requirements and delivered onsite at your premises. Prices start from $2,490 (plus GST) per half-day session, with a maximum of 20 participants per session (Metro Melbourne pricing, (contact us for a quote for regional or interstate sites).


With workplace health and harassment awareness training courses, you’ll be able to implement anti bullying initiatives that will stop inappropriate behaviour, bullying and harassment before they create problems. When workplace bullying and harassment go neglected, they can lead to a toxic work environment. This will create major risk for the business, including decreased productivity and high staff turnover. Not only that, these can result in costly employment law claims that will irreversibly damage the organisation’s reputation.


From sexual harassment training courses to anti bullying and harassment training, senior leaders and team leaders will be able to eliminate negative behaviours and workplace violence. You’ll be able to better manage workplace relations and create an inclusive workplace. Businesses that succeed in addressing these responsibilities will be able to see much better outcomes. By building positive behaviours between employees and their co workers, you’ll be able to reduce risk of staff turnover and disputes while seeing better productivity and retention.
Workplace Bullying and Harassment Training

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