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Performance management and dismissals

Dealing with underperformance and misconduct issues or dismissing an employee needs a careful expert touch.
You can lean on our experience to deal with poor performance or misconduct – and we’re right behind you through unfair dismissal and general protections claims.

Our Wizards have over 100 years of experience in workplace and industrial relations between them, and with our pricing options you can be sure you’re getting value for money with the expert advice you need.


What is performance management?

Performance management is all about identifying and removing any obstacles blocking your employees from performing at their best and achieving a sense of wellbeing at work. These obstacles could include your organisational practices and processes, or could be something more personal (or interpersonal).

Employees are at their best when their individual needs are met and they can see how their work influences positive outcomes for the business. We can help you identify these obstacles and break through them with an individualised performance management system.

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Our performance management strategies are individually tailored for each client following a comprehensive discovery phase. They’re designed to inspire your employees to commit to a vision rather than just tick boxes.

Key elements of performance management strategies include:


HOw we help

A tailored performance management system from Workplace Wizards gives you the best chance of turning complex human challenges into opportunities for success.

We’ll work with you to ensure your employees are as engaged and productive as possible through implementing strategies designed to help them understand their obligations and improve employee engagement.

We also know the best-laid plans don’t stop people from being human – employees may not always meet the standards required in performance or behaviour. We provide you with frameworks to support the difficult conversations, from two-way feedback to written warnings.

And if the problem behaviour can’t be solved through performance management, we can help you move on the employee in a fair, empathetic and legally defensible manner.

Performance management is difficult, but we are with you every step of the way to take the weight off your shoulders. We help promote your business interests while saving you time and money and find you commercial, strategic and people-focused solutions.

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