Workplace Wizards are workplace relations and HR specialists based in Melbourne, servicing clients Australia-wide. We provide expert workplace and industrial relations advice and ongoing support to businesses and individuals, on-demand and tailored to our clients’ unique needs. We know intimately the challenges workplace relations and HR can present. And we know what a drain on your valuable time, energy and resources they can be – not to mention some of the astronomical costs involved when dealing with workplace law. So, why shell out for lawyers if you don’t actually need one? That’s where Workplace Wizards come in. Our team has over 70 years of workplace and industrial relations experience between them. Our Wizards are legally qualified and practising lawyers – so they’ve got all the expertise, skills and know-how to make your workplace run as smoothly as possible. On top of this you’ll find our rates are competitively priced – fixed or flat fees, no hidden costs. We are there to help you at every stage of your business journey – whether it’s establishing strong processes at the start or appearing on your behalf in employment and discrimination tribunals should litigation occur. We aim to strengthen your knowledge in all our interactions, so you can confidently manage your workforce whether we are there or not.
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Workplace Wizards are workplace relations and HR specialists based in Melbourne, servicing clients Australia-wide. We provide expert workplace and industrial relations advice and ongoing support to businesses and individuals, on-demand and tailored to our clients’ unique needs.
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Workplace Relations Consultant
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Our legally-trained and industry-experienced workplace relations advisors have over 70 years of experience between them, and are experts at taking into account your commercial, compliance and strategic needs.

They build relationships based on mutual trust and benefit, and never compromise on quality and professionalism. This means you get excellent value for money every time.

As we go, we also aim to strengthen your knowledge, so that you have the knowledge and tools you need to strategically and confidently manage your workforce both now and into the future.

Workplace Wizards is powered by legally trained and qualified lawyers specialising in employment advice and support.

Our advisors are passionate about Australian industries and understand that when it comes to employment-related matters the best solution will depend on your individual needs. That’s why we make sure we get to know our clients and their specific business requirements.

Our specialist industries include:

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Health & ageing
  • Retail
  • Social & community services
  • Government

Our advisors also know your time is precious. So, instead of making our clients come to us, we offer to come to you.

Our advisors are great communicators and make sure you feel informed and comfortable every step of the way. They are approachable and friendly – always ready to help – and know how to delicately and strategically deal with even the most stressful and challenging workplace issues.

All of our advisors are legally qualified and practising lawyers with over 100 years of experience between them and have worked in leading law firms in both Australia and the UK.

We are expert in workplace relations and industrial relations law including, but not limited to, the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth), anti-discrimination laws and Work Health & Safety laws. Our advisors are also experienced in defending unfair dismissal, employment law, discrimination and WHS claims.

However, as set out at the start of each engagement, Workplace Wizards is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice. Businesses which engage our consulting services understand that they are utilising our professional services for general consulting only, and not receiving legal or accounting advice. Should you require or prefer a lawyer, we do run an associated law firm called Launch Legal with access to the same expert staff who can provide high quality, strategic and fit for purpose legal services.

There are two key differences between consulting advice and legal advice. First, clients who consider they have lost money or property due to the dishonest or fraudulent behaviour of a lawyer or law practice are able to make a claim for compensation against a Fidelity Fund maintained by a State Legal Services Board. This does not apply to us as we are not a legal practice providing legal advice. Rest assured, however, that as a consulting practice we hold appropriate professional indemnity and public liability insurance through major Australian insurers.

Second, by using a law firm and obtaining legal advice you are able to rely on ‘client legal privilege’ (“CLP”), a rule of law protecting communications between legal practitioners and their clients from disclosure under compulsion of a court. This does not apply to our advice as it is not legal advice. However, in most cases, such CLP considerations are not relevant to our clients. We can discuss this if you are concerned about this.

Regardless of whether you engage our consulting services through Workplace Wizards or our legal services through Launch Legal, we will treat your information confidentially at all times and ensure your privacy is protected.


Workplace Wizards can represent you in the Fair Work Commission and most employment-related matters employment-related matters in other Tribunals (such as the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) or the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC)) as a ‘paid agent’ upon being granted leave (permission) by the Fair Work Commission (or equivalent).

We can also represent you in the initial stages of some litigation in the courts which we can discuss further with you should the need arise. In some instances, we may also be able to directly engage a barrister on your behalf (without you needing to engage a law firm to ‘instruct’ the barrister) which will save you significant additional cost.

As a general rule, where a matter proceeds to litigation in certain courts (such as the Victorian Magistrates’ Court) or attains a degree of complexity which would require the assistance of a larger law firm we will advise you of this and suggest our associate law firm, Launch Legal, who handles such litigation on a day-to-day basis.

The way we charge for our services, advice and training is much simpler and easier than other professional service providers. We have one blended hourly rate for all of our consultants.

We offer fixed or flat fees for various pieces of work to provide predictability in costs and limit for your total cost exposure. To work out what is the best fee structure for your work, we will get you to tell us about the assistance you require at the outset before conducting an initial assessment of the scope of work you require and provide you with a quote/fee proposal for that work.

After we have commenced the work, we will send you an itemised bill at the end of each month setting out exactly what has been charged and when. We can also provide “running estimates” for each separate project/task we are working on at any time.

If, as we go, something unexpected happens or you require us to undertake work that is outside of the scope of work originally agreed, we will talk to you about your options, agree on what further work you require us to undertake and provide you with a quote/fee proposal for that work.

For employers who require assistance with lots of pieces of work either on an ongoing basis or during a particular period time, we can offer volume discounts and retainers (where you use us as much as you need/want for a set monthly fee).

Employers can also outsource their entire human resources functions (excluding payroll) to us for a set monthly fe

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Catherine Crowley<br>Director
Catherine Crowley
Swisse Vitamins
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Mark recently assisted us in managing a challenging and sensitive situation. We found Mark and his team to be professional, pragmatic and solutions-oriented.
Matt Windsor<br>General Manager
Matt Windsor
General Manager
Man With A Van
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Workplace Wizard’s help and advice has been practical, straightforward and extremely useful when guiding us through some of the more technical parts of our workplace relations.
Sandy Nikakis<br>HR Manager
Sandy Nikakis
HR Manager
Baby Bunting
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Mark regularly advises us when we need an external specialist for industrial relations, employee and workers’ compensation issues. He gives us immediate advice whenever we need it.
Textile Company
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Over the last 5 years, Mark Ritchie has guided us through a variety of issues covering industrial relations and human resources. He quickly identifies intricate issues and provides solutions.
Manufacturing Company
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Mark Ritchie has provided our business with industrial relations expertise and guidance since 2009. He has been a trusted partner on several enterprise bargaining negotiations.
Rob Lynch<br>HR Officer
Rob Lynch
HR Officer
Position Partners
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Mark Ritchie has provided our business with industrial relations expertise and guidance since 2009. He has been a trusted partner on several enterprise bargaining negotiations.
Michelle Wood
Michelle WoodExecutive Officer
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"Timely and comprehensive advice and resources. The whole team are very supportive and understand the complexities of managing HR in modern businesses. They are knowledgeable, reliable, very diverse in their skills and expertise, responsive anad highly efficient. They ensure they provide not just information, but explanation, which assists in the gaining of knowledge and understanding. Importantly, they are personable - they are always pleasant, patient and engaged."
Anonymous, Business Leader
Anonymous, Business Leadervia Firmchecker.com.au
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"Professional, good to work with, responsive. Excellent strategic advice tailored to our business needs. Follow through of strategic advice with solid detailed execution. Allows us to access important legal smarts inside a workable budget for our business size."