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Your business may have good processes… but are they down in writing?

Workplace policies and procedures are an important addition to employment contracts as they make onboarding easier and allow everyone to be crystal clear on what’s required of them.

We can help you create company policies or codes of conduct that keep everyone informed of their legal obligations at work – protecting your business and employees.

With years of experience in workplace policies and procedures, our team will ensure the backbone of your business is strong. Plus with our fixed fees you can be sure you’re getting value for money.


Company policies generally set out the rules, requirements, entitlements and expectations applicable in a particular workplace.

They set minimum employee standards that can be relied on in the event of poor performance or misconduct and remove any surprises about how an issue or conflict will be dealt with.

Unlike employment contracts, you can review and amend your policies as the business grows and evolves.


Company policies should not be lengthy lists of ‘dos and don’ts’. It’s not engaging for employees and generally results in the opposite effect.

Instead, it’s better to design and institute a policy that’s unique to your workplace – one that’s reasonable, can easily be understood and is readily enforceable.

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HOw we help

Finding the balance between policies that are easily understood and enforced yet fulfil all legislative requirements of your organisation is not an easy task! However, Workplace Wizards can provide company policies and Codes of Conduct to protect your business from risk.

We can prepare and advise on the full range of employment policies and procedures or review your existing ones.

Contact us today to find out about our Policy Pack (including must-have policies which can be tailored to your organisation’s needs).

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