No one wants to receive a complaint, let alone “investigate” a colleague for misconduct or underperformance. Conducting reviews or investigations are tricky – time consuming, process driven and often personal making it stressful for those involved.

But complaints and issues are an inevitable part of life – particularly our work life. People make mistakes, fall short of expectations, butt heads and upset people all the time. The trick is getting to the bottom of what happened quickly whilst avoiding having someone complain about how you conducted your review.

We can help you conduct swift, independent and expert reviews and investigations that help you resolve conflicts in your workplace or business. We will help you avoid the stressful, expensive and time-consuming processes that may end up in court or tribunal. We will also provide recommendations to help you address what’s occurred and avoid these conflicts in future.

With decades of experience in investigating workplace complaints and issues, our team will help you ensure your process is handled quickly and beyond reproach, enabling you to focus on your business requirements and goals. 



A workplace review or investigation is the action taken by an employer to determine what happened (or is happening) following a complaint of inappropriate/unsatisfactory behaviour or performance at work. Common workplace complaints include theft, underperformance, bullying, harassment, discrimination, fraud and other misconduct.

The outcome of an investigation or review can have serious consequences for the people involved. This includes formal warnings or termination of employment. As such, workplace investigations are often highly personal, complicated and unpleasant.


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Inappropriate behaviour at work is unacceptable, and needs to be stamped out swiftly and effectively. To do that, you need to be sure what happened.

However, typical workplace allegations of theft, bullying, harassment, discrimination, fraud and other misconduct present a range of challenges, and there aren’t many managers that are experienced and skilled at investigating them. Of the ones that are, they rarely have sufficient time to handle the complexities and stress involved on top of their existing workload.

Also, given the seriousness of the consequences for the people involved, it is more likely the results of an internal investigation will be challenged on the grounds of bias or deficiency, and result in litigation.

Outsourcing your workplace investigation to an independent specialist will ensure your complaint is handled swiftly and beyond reproach, leaving your managers to focus on your business requirements and goals.

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We have trained and experienced investigators who will independently and efficiently investigate your workplace complaints.

We also know that the best-laid plans don’t stop people from being human. We will provide practical, easy to implement recommendations to support you to promote appropriate workplace behaviour, manage misconduct and, where necessary, take disciplinary action.

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