Industrial Relations Victoria

Industrial Relations Victoria

It can be difficult to understand the complexities of Industrial Relations (IR) legislation. However, to protect themselves and staff, employers must ensure that their work practices comply with the Fair Work Act 2009. That’s where Workplace Wizards comes in. Our expert industrial relations Victoria consultants can help companies understand and comply with existing industrial relations legislation, as outlined by the Victorian government. We can also help develop a safe, compliant workplace for all staff. Here are some must-know facts about industrial relations, and what makes it so crucial for all organisations.

What Industrial Relations Is

Industrial relations broadly refers to the relationship between employers and employees. It applies to both the Victorian public sector and private. IR legislation addresses all relevant matters, such as fair working conditions, salaries, allowances, and so on. Employers have a legal obligation to meet their industrial relations responsibilities, thus ensuring the wellbeing of all staff. 

Compliance with industrial relations obligations is vital to all organisations. Failure to do so puts both the business and its staff at risk, as well as exposes the company to potential legal action. Industrial Relations can be a complex area of law, and difficult for employers to understand. That’s where Workplace Wizards helps; by providing expert consultancy services to help businesses understand their IR obligations and ensure compliance. We also provide consulting services on related matters, such as conducting workplace investigations, complaint handling, and so on.

Complying with Industrial Relations Victoria Obligations

Part of what makes meeting and maintaining Industrial Relations Victoria (IR) compliance such a challenge is that it is an ongoing process. New workplace legislation and industry-specific rules are frequently introduced, and companies must comply with relevant changes. This means that what was IR compliant behaviour at one stage may no longer be. Employers must make an active effort to keep up with these changes, and ensure their business practices reflect them.

horoughly understanding the scope of a company’s industrial relations obligations can be challenging. Management needs clear, compliant policies for all industrial matters, including:

  • Minimum wage and conditions
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Awards and agreements
  • Harassment and discrimination
  • Business audits
  • Negotiating Enterprise Bargaining Agreements (EBAs)
  • Fair disciplinary processes, including policies for dismissing employees
  • Providing reasonable adjustments to applicable employees

These are just a few of the issues that companies must address when developing compliant industrial relations policies. Each of these matters involves specific requirements that must be met, to avoid penalties from the Fair Work Commission.

Industrial Relations Compliance is an Ongoing Process

Industrial Relations Victoria is a constantly shifting field. Many factors could lead to a change in the obligations of businesses. This includes the easing of COVID restrictions, changes to EBAs and modern awards, and so on. 

Organisations should therefore consider consulting industrial relations experts, to ensure they are meeting their obligations. Workplace Wizards has skilled consultants that can work with businesses to help them understand and comply with their IR commitments.

Workplace Wizards is dedicated to building and maintaining positive working relationships between staff and management. We are focused on strengthening productivity and engagement, through the mitigation of workplace conflict.

Our three-step process to helping businesses achieve and maintain their employee relations goals sees our experts:

1. Working to understand your business.

Our Industrial Relations consultants will conduct a gap analysis, starting with your companies existing industrial relations practices. They will then compare these practices against your goals and legal obligations.

2. Developing processes to help your business achieve its industrial relations targets.

We first identify the ‘gap’ between the existing and desired state. Then, our IR consultants can help your business develop practical solutions for working towards its desired state.

3. Help your company develop processes of continual improvement.

This means that even after achieving its industrial relations goals, your business process will be routinely audited. This will ensure that any changes to collective bargaining agreements or industrial relations Victoria laws are reflected in your working practices. It also helps the business maintains its compliant standards.

Workplace Wizards’ broad range of industrial relations advisory services means we are committed to helping businesses achieve their goals. We work with your company across our three-step process to aid in the development of a fair, compliant working culture.

Workplace Wizards’ IR Consultants are Here to Help

Our expert advisors can help all organisations understand and keep up with the scope of their industrial relations Victoria commitments. Our comprehensive advisory services help businesses easily progress from their actual to desired state. 

We can also talk you through the complexities of IR law, and explain confusing issues to you in jargon-free language. A business that fails to satisfactorily address its IR obligations is exposing itself to liability and staff disputes. We are here to ensure it does not get to that stage.

Please give us a call today on (03) 9087 6949, or email at, and we can get you started on this. Our expert consultants can help take the stress out of this process. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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