Do you want a workplace where staff are not posing a safety risk to themselves or others by being affected by drugs and/or alcohol?

Are your managers aware of the legal and ethical duties and responsibilities concerning employees affected by drugs or alcohol at work?

Our training course arms managers with the skills and tools to create a workplace where people are not posing a safety risk by being affected by others under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

Alcohol or drugs in the workplace causes injuries, absenteeism, lost production, workers compensation issues, and can have an impact on product quality. Alcoholism and drug addiction also have a negative influence on employees, their bodies and their families. Additionally, workmates of an alcohol or drug user are faced with risks to their health, safety and welfare, which companies have a legal obligation to guard against.



Designed for OHS professionals, senior management or individuals aspiring to either, this essential course will provide you the best possible testing processes and management practices to support employees concerning alcohol and drug use, whilst developing your skills with challenging and interactive case studies and role plays.


Our course is designed to arm your organisation’s decision makers with the tools to identify and avoid or minimise actual, potential and potential ethical and legal risks. Attendees will learn about the drug testing process, know relevant caselaw on employee rights vs safety obligations, consider and discuss any other issues (such as privacy) relevant to workplace drug and alcohol testing and conduct role plays and case studies re how testing can and should be carried out.

The course will cover:

  • The effects of alcohol and other drugs on employees;
  • What are illegal drugs and what drugs can be tested for;
  • What are ‘permitted levels’ of drug and alcohol presence at work?
  • What are the types of workplace drug and alcohol testing and how do the testing types differ?
  • How to perform workplace drug and alcohol testing in line with Australian Standards
  • Testing for ‘safety sensitive employees’ and how it differs to other employees; and
  • How to support and discipline employees who are in breach of workplace drug and alcohol testing policies/requirements.

Our training is conducted in a relaxed conversational and interactive style which is designed to get full engagement from participants, whatever their levels of experience and knowledge. It is also designed to relate the important legal and OHS concepts that apply to businesses and the people who run them, and how to comply with such requirements when seeking to test employees at work who may be impaired by drugs and/or alcohol.



This 3-hour course can be delivered onsite at your premises. We recommend incorporating your current testing policy (if relevant) into the standard course outline to ensure training is specific to participants. Prices start from $249 (plus GST) per person with a minimum of 4 people (does not include time spent on materials customisation).

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