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Workplace change, restructures and redundancies are tough for both employee and employer. However, they’re a necessary part of doing business. We can guide to make decisions about how to strategically structure your workforce for ongoing success and sustainability.

We can also help you reduce the stress on both parties by ensuring entitlements and communications are handled professionally and effectively.

Our Wizards are deeply experienced in workforce planning and any associated workplace changes, restructures and redundancies in the workplace, and will assist you anticipate and avoid expensive legal disputes with employees without the cost of a lawyer.



Workforce planning ensures you have the right workforce in place to achieve your organisational vision, goals and objectives. It is about aligning your resourcing with the needs and priorities of your business including legislative, regulatory, services and product requirements.


Restructuring involves a review of your current situation and needs. Do you have the right staff in the right places? Are these resources positioned optimally for business success?

Reviews may reveal that you have more staff than needed, or than you can afford. They may reveal an area of skill or expertise that needs to be improved. In these cases roles may need to be removed or created and the business reorganised.


The keys to restructuring and redundancy in the workplace are:

Change can be stressful for employers and staff, and this is heightened when jobs are on the line. Don’t go it alone.

Workplace Wizards ensures each step of the process, as well as the reasoning behind the changes, is clearly communicated to all parties to ensure everyone feels properly informed and consulted.

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HOw we help

Workforce planning can be a complex, sensitive and challenging exercise. To succeed in business, it is important you remain strategic, future focussed and innovative. We can facilitate your workforce planning and support you in your decision-making processes.

Restructures leading to staff redundancies are particularly complex, sensitive and difficult exercises. It’s essential that you follow a procedurally fair process and undergo sufficient consultation.

We can guide you through restructuring and redundancy processes to make it all as smooth as possible. We minimise legal risks as we go. From initial consultations through to notice periods, severance payments and even communication with unions – we’re here for you.

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Catherine Crowley<br>Director
Catherine Crowley
Swisse Vitamins
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Mark recently assisted us in managing a challenging and sensitive situation. We found Mark and his team to be professional, pragmatic and solutions-oriented.
Matt Windsor<br>General Manager
Matt Windsor
General Manager
Man With A Van
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Workplace Wizard’s help and advice has been practical, straightforward and extremely useful when guiding us through some of the more technical parts of our workplace relations.
Sandy Nikakis<br>HR Manager
Sandy Nikakis
HR Manager
Baby Bunting
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Mark regularly advises us when we need an external specialist for industrial relations, employee and workers’ compensation issues. He gives us immediate advice whenever we need it.
Textile Company
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Over the last 5 years, Mark Ritchie has guided us through a variety of issues covering industrial relations and human resources. He quickly identifies intricate issues and provides solutions.
Manufacturing Company
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Mark Ritchie has provided our business with industrial relations expertise and guidance since 2009. He has been a trusted partner on several enterprise bargaining negotiations.
Rob Lynch<br>HR Officer
Rob Lynch
HR Officer
Position Partners
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Mark Ritchie has provided our business with industrial relations expertise and guidance since 2009. He has been a trusted partner on several enterprise bargaining negotiations.
Michelle Wood
Michelle WoodExecutive Officer
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"Timely and comprehensive advice and resources. The whole team are very supportive and understand the complexities of managing HR in modern businesses. They are knowledgeable, reliable, very diverse in their skills and expertise, responsive anad highly efficient. They ensure they provide not just information, but explanation, which assists in the gaining of knowledge and understanding. Importantly, they are personable - they are always pleasant, patient and engaged."
Anonymous, Business Leader
Anonymous, Business Leadervia
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"Professional, good to work with, responsive. Excellent strategic advice tailored to our business needs. Follow through of strategic advice with solid detailed execution. Allows us to access important legal smarts inside a workable budget for our business size."