Employment Contracts

Up-to-date written agreements for permanent, fixed-term and casual staff that meet your business needs and legal obligations.

An employment contract is an agreement between an employer and an employee that sets out the rights and obligations of each party.

As with any contract, an employment contract can be in writing or oral. However, to ensure there is no dispute about what each of the parties has agreed, it is important to ensure all of your employment contracts are in writing.

In developing employment contracts, there are many elements to consider. These include entitlements under applicable modern awards and enterprise bargaining agreements, and any statutory requirements.

How we help

Workplace Wizards can review and update your existing employment contracts or develop new ones to ensure you have the most up-to-date, concise and effective contracts with the strongest legal defensibility available.

We ensure your contractual arrangements with staff meet all minimum entitlements and statutory requirements plus reflect the individual needs of your business (including probationary periods, training arrangements, confidentiality, disciplinary processes and/or post-employment restraints).

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