Human Resource Management involves a complex but valuable balancing exercise, which requires HR managers to proactively plan ways to create an environment of competitive advantage for the organisation, whilst still meeting individual employee needs.

Some examples of daily Human Resource Management functions include:

The importance of HRM

Few things are more-costly to a business than employees who are unable to meet the requirements of their job, or who fail to adapt and grow with changing business standards and increasing global competition.

This costliness is often a result of HR professionals who fail to align HR objectives with their organisational business goals, and, therefore, are unable to maximise the return on their investment in employees.

Some of the risks of ineffective HRM include:

  • Loss of efficiency, skills and knowledge due to poor recruitment
  • Poor communication and customer service
  • Higher staff turnover and absenteeism
  • Higher incidence of disputes, accident rates, legislative breaches and illegal termination
  • Poor community standing and loss of business
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The importance of Human Resources (HR) - Workplace Wizards, Melbourne Australia

How we help

We assist HR professionals and small businesses in the following areas of general or strategic HR management:

  • employee engagement surveys/focus groups
  • systems for measuring performance (including reward/recognition/incentive schemes)
  • talent management/retention/workforce planning
  • conflict resolution (including investigations, mediation, conflict resolution strategies)
  • change management strategies and communication plans (including outplacement support)
  • HR audits
  • HR strategies and plans
  • cultural transformation, diversity and well-being strategies (including gender reporting, healthy living and stress management)
  • organisational development and effectiveness
  • short term HR secondments/overflow project work
  • HR generalist tasks (including mobility issues, privacy, job analysis, position descriptions)
    new management teams
  • mergers, acquisitions and divestitures (from IR and HR perspectives)
  • recruitment (although we are not a recruitment company, we can assist with recruitment
    panels, assessing candidate suitability, negotiating employment contracts, etc.)
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