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As we all feel lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and try to navigate the new normal, now is the perfect time to re-evaluate workplace productivity and consider the benefits of workplace training to help secure a solid foundation, and future-proof your business operations going forward!

But what is workplace training? What can it look like? And how exactly can it help boost organisational productivity? Read on to find out!

Communication and Upskilling

Communication is vital in the post COVID-19 era, as we all try to keep abreast of the ever-changing business landscape and work on re-evaluating and updating existing company policies, procedures, and processes.

As such, getting trained in effective communication is an especially important investment for improving business organisation. Such simple and small things such as forgetting to update, forgetting to check in and/or not clearly communicating can have many repercussions that can snowball and put a strain on your business. Training your workplace in effective and good communication habits and skills means employees can work more effectively and efficiently. They are also likely to be in a better position to maximise their potential according to their capacity. What’s more, managers and employers would also be able to ensure a smooth flow of operations without the hiccups caused by miscommunication or lack of communication.

In addition to communication, up-skilling can also be incredibly valuable in boosting your ‘bench strength’ – i.e. capitalising on the existing talents of your employees by investing in their future. Up-skilling can also save on costs, both direct and indirect. Hiring and onboarding new talent often costs money and takes a lot of time, energy and effort – these days it is rarely as easy or straightforward a process as we’d like it to be. Instead, by up-skilling current staff to meet your growing business needs, you not only can maximise your existing talent pool but you can also help boost employee morale, mindset and productivity by giving them a chance to rise higher, learn new skills and improve.

Conflict and Dispute Resolution

Workplace conflict is at times inevitable, especially when managing the stresses of returning to the workplace, and/or adapting to flex work arrangements and updated business practices. Whilst they may be sometimes unavoidable, steps can be taken to ensure that the number of conflicts that occur in a workplace are minimised as much as possible and ensure that any conflicts that do break out don’t become destructive and are managed appropriately.

With the right conflict resolution training, businesses can avoid costly litigation and create a more productive workplace. This training can ensure that the number of conflicts are resolved quickly and efficiently through teaching employees and managers vital skills as such as:

  • developing conflict resolution strategies, including identifying causes and triggers
  • the conflict resolution process
  • conflict resolution styles
  • managing different personalities, difficult people and stressful situations
  • how to improve communication and collaboration within the team to avoid conflicts
  • how to build better working relationships and create a more positive work environment
  • how to manage burnout and maintain good mental & physical wellbeing

Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations into misconduct can be complicated and sensitive tasks. They require a good understanding of the proper procedures and protocols in place to ensure compliance with the law. 

These investigations, however, are vital in addressing areas of concerns in your workplace, to ensure that undesirable behaviour and practices are corrected immediately and to promote a safe, compliant, and accessible workplace.

To help you conduct workplace investigations effectively and legally, investment into workplace investigation training courses will enable your personnel to properly investigate workplace misconduct and take appropriate action for the best outcomes. Through training, you can learn how to gather evidence, interview witnesses, write reports, promote procedural fairness, and ultimately foster a positive working culture for your organisation that will boost morale, productivity, and employee retention.


These are just some of the different types of workplace training and a quick summary of their benefits, but there’s many more types of training including:

  • Customer/client service and experience training
  • Diversity and inclusion training
  • Specialist industry training
  • Bullying and sexual harassment prevention training
  • Management and supervisory training
  • Wellbeing and self care training
  • And more

The benefits are immeasurable, and a little investment in your workplace can go a long way when it comes to business growth, performance, and success!

Here at Workplace Wizards, we offer a range of different workplace training programs, designed, and led by our expert consultants, that can be tailored to your unique business structure and needs. You can see a full list of our offerings in more detail here, and don’t hesitate to reach out to chat to one of our friendly consultants today!


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