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Find out the latest you need to know when deciding if you should make vaccinations compulsory in your workplace
8 SEPT 2021, 12-1.15 PM

Learn THE 3 questions you should be asking yourself right now to decide if you should be mandating vaccinations in the workplace

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COVID-19 continues to create questions about an employer’s duty to provide a safe workplace. 


Simultaneously, the law and news about vaccinations in the workplace has gotten confusing. Doctors will be indemnified for giving out vaccines, but employers won’t. Yet there is pressure to get as many Australian employees vaccinated as soon as possible so we can all get back to work.

So what are your obligations? If you are a business owner, manager, leader or people & culture advisor, don’t miss this webinar to find out! 

Join us for this free 75 min webinar on 8 September 2021 at 12 pm!

Together with our law firm we’ll provide a comprehensive update on what the current legal landscape is for workplaces and vaccinations. We’ll answer all of your burning questions and more! Register below to get the peace of mind that we all need to know how COVID-19 vaccinations at work currently stand.
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What you'll learn

  • The 3 questions you should be asking yourself right now before you decide to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations at work
  • How to apply the Safe Work Australia guidance on COVID-19 vaccines in your workplace
  • Whether you can ask employees to prove they have been vaccinated
  • What to do if a supplier, client or customer requires your people to be vaccinated to do business with them


Mark is the Managing Director and Principal Consultant at Workplace Wizards. He is a new breed of lawyer unlocking the people power in business. Mark helps business leaders when they are most in need, are lacking in confidence or are confused by the people issues they face in their workplace. Lately, Mark has been advising many employers on the impact of COVID-19 restrictions and risks on their workplaces – including how to implement lawful and reasonable vaccination policies. Mark is a highly experienced and respected employment advisor and lawyer, having expertly managed a range of employee and industrial relations matters for over 15 years. He acts for many high profile national brands as well as SMEs focused on creating more productive, better performing and happier workplaces for all.

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