Employment contracts and workplace policies are binding documents designed to manage and regulate employee behaviour at work. They are essential documents in any organisation’s HR toolkit and essential for an employer to demonstrate it is meeting its base legislative obligations concerning employee behaviour and conduct.


Employment Contracts

Up-to-date written agreements for permanent, fixed-term and casual staff that meet your business needs and legal obligations

An employment contract is an agreement between an employer and an employee that sets out the rights and obligations of each party.

As with any contract, an employment contract can be in writing or oral. However, to ensure there is no dispute about what each of the parties has agreed, it is important to ensure all of your employment contracts are in writing.

In developing employment contracts, there are many elements to consider.  These include entitlements under applicable modern awards and enterprise bargaining agreements, and any statutory requirements.

How we help

Workplace Wizards can review and update your existing employment contracts or develop new ones to ensure you have the most up-to-date, concise and effective contracts with the strongest legal defensibility available.

We ensure your contractual arrangements with staff meet all minimum entitlements and statutory requirements plus reflect the individual needs of your business (including probationary periods, training arrangements, confidentiality, disciplinary processes and/or post-employment restraints).


Workplace policies to manage and regulate behaviour at work

Company policies are an important additional to employment contracts, as they make clear to employees the requirements of them to foster a safe and productive working environment.

Company policies or Codes of Conduct are an important way to ensure your business is protected. Well-drafted and up-to-date workplace policies set minimum employee standards that can be relied on in the event of poor performance or misconduct. Comprehensive procedures also remove any surprises about how an issue or conflict will be dealt with, thereby reducing the likelihood of drawn-out and expensive disputes.

Company policies are a key way in which managers and employees alike are informed of their legal obligations at work, and are advised of their rights in particular situations. Furthermore, unlike employment contracts, policies can be reviewed and amended from time to time, and therefore are an important way in which a company can ensure safe and productive workplaces.

What types of company policies should my organisation have?

Company policies generally set out the rules, requirements, entitlements and expectations applicable in a particular workplace. However, company policies should not be lengthy lists of ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ for employees to rigidly follow – as this may not have much of an effect on motivating employee compliance. Instead, it is important that employers design and institute policy that is reasonable, can easily be understood and is readily enforceable.   


Typically, companies will have policies concerning:

  1. Leave
  • Personal, carers, compassionate leave policy
  • Community service leave policy
  1. Behaviour
  • Code of Conduct
  • Discrimination policy
  • Bullying and harassment policy
  • Social media policy
  • Disciplinary policy
  1. Personal Property
  • Motor vehicle policy
  • Dress code policy (ex. grooming and tattoos)
  • Email, internet use and computer policy
  1. Other policies
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Equal opportunity policy
  • Recruitment policy




Finding the balance between policies that are easily understood and enforced yet fulfil all legislative requirements of your organisation is not an easy task! However, Workplace Wizards can provide company policies and Codes of Conduct to protect your business from risk.

We prepare and advise on the full range of employment policies and procedures. We prepare and review individual policies and procedures. We also offer packs of must-have policies, tailored to your organisational needs, for a fixed price.

Contact us today to find out about our Policy Pack (including must-have policies which can be tailored to your organisation’s industry-specific needs.