Stage 4 Business Restrictions – What are they?

Today, Daniel Andrews announced the new stage 4 business restrictions. We know this will be very difficult for many of your businesses. We are here to help if we can.

The Victorian Government estimates that the new stage 4 restrictions will should mean around 1 million Victorians are no longer moving around the state for work.

Here’s a quick summary:

Category 1: Businesses that will remain open

The following businesses will remain open being:

  • Supermarkets
  • Grocery stores
  • Bottle shops
  • Pharmacies
  • Petrol stations
  • Banks 
  • News agencies
  • Post offices
  • Everyone involved in Victoria’s pandemic response

Including courier services – drive through arrangements for couriers, home delivery e.g. Bunnings pick up and collect.

Category 2: Business that is open but significantly reduced:

The third category of businesses will have to scale back the way they work
These businesses will stay open but operate very differently from midnight Friday:

  1. Meat works will move to two-thirds production, they will be dressed in full PPE including gowns and face shields, as if they are health workers, they will be temperature checked, they will be tested;
  2. Construction will be divided into three parts;
  • Large scale government projects reduced by half already and there will be plans to reduce the workforce more;
  • Very large commercial building will need to reduce their workforce down to the practical minimum, and can have no more than 25 per cent of their workforce working; and
  • Residential construction will be restricted to five people per site.

All businesses that remain open, including category 1 and 2 must ensure their COVIDSafe plan is in place prior to 11:59pm Friday 7 August.

Category 3: Closed Businesses

From 11:59pm this Wednesday, Daniel Andrews says the following will close: 

  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Some manufacturing
  • Some admin

Retail stores may still operate to provide goods through either ‘click and collect’ or delivery – so long as they follow strict safety procedures.

Hardware stores may remain open, but only for trades people.

What about Business Support?

In conjunction with the new restrictions, and associated penalties, Daniel Andrews also announced new support packages including:

  • businesses that are forced to closed may be eligible for a $5,000 grant;
  • a further $5,000 foris available for businesses also closed by the first wave of lockdowns; and
  • “a number of other waivers of taxes and charges, and for some businesses, many businesses, all of those really significant payroll tax refunds, we are able to return to those businesses money three quarterly payments that they had made to us prior foot to the first way.”

Can we help?

Dealing with these rapid changes can be very difficult. That is why we are here.   

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Mark Ritchie

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