Culture and Engagement Surveys

These work as a diagnostic tool to better understand the state of your current workplace culture including the views and experiences of your employees. We’ve seen how helpful they can be firsthand, having run many of these surveys for our clients over the past few years. They can help give you great insight into how your teams are thinking and performing and identify any culture or workload related issues and can also test your theories and assumptions about your workforce. These tools enable you to gain quantitative data about your workforce in a way that doesn’t promote just the loudest voices in your workforce as it gives all of your employees the room to be honest and open. In addition, having an impartial third party run these surveys, can really help ensure you get the most out of them. 

culture and engagement survey

To give you an example – recently we conducted on of these surveys for quite a prominent peak body in Australia and were tasked with providing more information on how the staff were feeling and how resilient they were. The leadership team were wanting to know whether they were doing everything they could to make the staff feel more supported. They were concerned that perhaps staff didn’t have the support that they needed to deal with the mental health challenges of our post-COVID world. 

In a pleasant surprise to the leadership team, staff responded that they actually did feel like they had lots of support from their managers, teams and the organisation overall. However, they did note in the survey that lack of clear communication about business changes and strategies caused them stress. This really helped the leadership team gain a clearer idea of what they needed to improve rather than just blindly swinging and spending more time and money on a whole host of activities and supports such as onsite yoga sessions, training on topics staff didn’t need, etc – which their staff actually told them they did not need more of.

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