Boost Skills, Save Big: Elevate Your Team with 2024 EOFY Training Deals!

Your organisation can only work as well as the people who help shape it.
With EOFY on the horizon, now is the perfect time to invest in your workforce, ensuring they have the skills needed to not only meet compliance standards but thrive. Our tailored training programs are designed to boost bench strength, foster innovation, and enhance overall performance. Don’t miss out on this limited-time opportunity to equip your workplace with the essential skills for success while taking advantage of significant savings. Boost skills and drive success with our 2024 EOFY training offers.
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Find the details of each offer below!

EOFY Power Boost: Unleash Your Team’s Potential with Hogan Personality Assessments 

Boost Your Workforce and gear up for the new fiscal year with our dazzling EOFY offer. Elevate select workforce members or new hires with a Hogan Assessment and receive: 

  • Buy 1 Hogan assessment and get 10% off 
  • Buy 2 Hogan assessments and get 20% off 
  • Buy 3 Hogan assessments and get 30% off 
  • Buy 4 or more Hogan assessments and get 40% off 
  • Debrief for each assessment provided by Accredited Hogan Consultant, translating insights into action. 
  • Comprehensive reports of each assessment delivered to hiring managers, internal managers, or employees for personalised development or to assist recruitment. 
  • 1-1.5 hr consultation (per assessment) to help you understand the insights from the assessment results to help you discover strengths, potential de-railers, motivations, and values. 

Unmatched Benefits of The Wizards’ Hogan Assessment Deal: 

  • Recruitment: Ace your hiring game. 
  • Leadership Development: Boost self-awareness and leadership prowess. 
  • Team Dynamics: Spark collaboration and synergy. 

Hogan Assessments can help you empower your workforce with career development, identify and nurture future leaders with succession planning, and align individual values with strategic goals for optimal organisational alignment. So, kickstart the new financial year with empowered leaders and cohesive teams ready to soar – contact us on or call us on 03 90876949 to claim the offer or discuss more details.

You can also find more information in our offer information sheet below:

Transform Workplace Communication: Managing Difficult Conversations


Learn how to handle difficult conversations at work effectively and efficiently!

Difficult conversations can be daunting, but they’re often crucial for fostering growth, improving productivity, and maintaining a positive work environment. Mishandling these conversations can lead to low morale and disengagement. Our tailored training package empowers you to handle these discussions with confidence and skill, ensuring your team thrives. 

Why Choose Workplace Wizards’ Training? 

Build and Strengthen Capabilities: Our training enhances both individual and organisational capabilities, tailored to your specific needs and delivered by expert workplace relations consultants. Experienced in managing workplace issues, our consultants assist clients across various Australian industries in navigating people and culture challenges. 

Unique Peer-to-Peer Learning: Experience the unique peer-to-peer learning aspect of our training. It’s not just about learning from the facilitator; it’s an opportunity to create a shared learning experience. This approach boosts team bonding by allowing participants to connect, learn with, and learn from each other. 

Reinforce and Practice: Our training reinforces existing knowledge and provides an opportunity to put theory into practice. Utilise this time to iron out any bumps in your strategy and have your questions answered. 

Practical Takeaways: Walk away with practical frameworks, models, and practices that you can apply to your role and your workplace immediately. 

Our Managing Difficult Conversations package offers: 

  • In-depth Modules: Understand the theory behind difficult conversations, their importance, and effective management techniques. 
  • Communication Skills: Equip yourself with the skills to create an environment conducive to effective communication. 
  • Practical Techniques: Learn effective techniques to start and manage difficult conversations confidently. 
  • Tailored Materials: Receive course materials customised to your specific needs and business context. 
  • Conversation Frameworks: Establish effective frameworks for conducting difficult conversations in your workplace. 
  • Practice and Refine: Opportunity to practice, refine your skills, and get your questions answered by experts. 

EOFY OFFER: Get $1000 off* our Difficult Conversations packages for bookings made before 31/07/2024. For more details, please email

*Offer available for bookings of a full day training session or a minimum of 2 half-day training sessions. Designed for group settings; if you are an individual or a small group (under 10), please contact us to discuss potential options. 

You can also find more information in our offer information sheet below:

Master Performance Appraisals 

Boost productivity and morale with effective performance appraisals. Our training equips managers with essential skills for clear communication, objective evaluation, and constructive feedback. 

As the financial year ends, it’s the perfect time to reflect on past performance, set future goals, recognize achievements, and identify development needs. 

Training Highlights: 

  • Comprehensive Understanding 
  • Communication Skills 
  • Evaluation Techniques 
  • Tailored Materials 
  • Appraisal Frameworks 
  • Practice and Support 

EOFY OFFER: Get $1,000 off* our Performance Appraisal Training for bookings before 31/07/2024. For details, email 

*Offer available for full-day or 2 half-day sessions. Contact us for small group options. 

 You can also find more information in our offer information sheet below:

Power Hour at A Discount

Have money left over in the budget but unsure if a training package is for you? Gift yourself specialised support and flexibility  with our limited-time offer on “Power Hour” consultations. Perfect for those seeking one-on-one specialist support, our “Power Hour” sessions are designed to provide you with expert advice on any topic you need.

Special Once-Off Flash Price

Take advantage of our exclusive offer and save big before the end of this financial year. 

  • 10 x Power Hours: Normally $3,950 (+GST), now 15% discount
  • 15 x Power Hours: Enjoy 20% off if you book a block of 15 ‘Power Hours’
  • 20 x Power Hours or More: Save 25% if you book a block of 20 or more ‘Power Hours’

Why Buy A Power Hour Block?

  • Tailored Support: Get personalised advice and solutions specific to your needs.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Book your hours at times that suit you.
  • Expert Consultants: Gain insights from top professionals in the field.
  • Gift Your Future Self: By purchasing a block of ‘Power Hours’ now, you’re not only saving money but also giving your future self a valuable resource. Even if you don’t need it now, you’ll have expert support ready when you do. Invest in your success and be prepared for any challenges that come your way.

Don’t miss out on this chance to make the most of your budget and receive the expert guidance you need. 

To secure the discount, purchase a Power Hour block before 1/07/2024. For more information contact us on or give us a call on 03 90876949.

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