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AQA Victoria is a highly respected and peer-led attendant care business, information hub, and peer-support outreach service. In recent years, it has expanded its work and reach to now provide over 400 support workers from diverse backgrounds with meaningful employment.

From time to time, AQA has internal matters that need an external touch. When seeking specialist assistance, it’s important to AQA that they outsource to someone who understands their sector and they can trust to deliver what they need.


This is where Workplace Wizards comes in, helping AQA’s team with specialised advice and support. AQA engages Workplace Wizards to provide HR Consulting, award interpretation and legal advice.


Working with Workplace Wizards gives AQA to access experienced and knowledgeable experts, and a helping hand in times of need. It also ensures AQA can rest assured it is responsibly managing its risks and the needs of a large workforce in an ever-changing and complex sector.

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