CareSuper is an award winning, top performing industry superannuation fund. Its team of [INSERT] employees, softens the short-term dips and provides strong long-term returns for its 220 000 members.
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In 2021, CareSuper’s People, Performance and Culture team was looking for appropriate workplace behaviour training that would cover its specific needs. It didn’t want the usual (and very ordinary) standard compliance training that many providers roll out.

It wanted to training that would address the generally unspoken about aspects of behaviour at work that can have a significant impact on organisational culture and performance.


CareSuper didn’t have far to look. Having worked with Workplace Wizards since 2017, we were on hand to design and deliver training across CareSuper’s Melbourne and Sydney offices in consultation with CareSuper’s superb People, Performance and Culture team.


Working with Workplace Wizards gives CareSuper’s People, Performance and Culture team access to specialised and responsive external assistance on demand. This training was highly interactive, expertly delivered and positively received, and supports CareSuper’s broader people and culture strategy and plan underpinning its ongoing success and growth.

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