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An NFP delivering family violence and/or homelessness services engaged Workplace Wizards to investigate an alleged OHS breach.

We got to the bottom of it on time and budget, and helped ensure it won’t happen again.

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Unprovoked, a client assaulted a staff member at a client in-take meeting giving rise to alleged breaches of OHS policies and procedures.


Workplace Wizards conducted a deep dive beyond the initial incident response, including a comprehensive review of organisational documentation and 1:1 interviews with relevant witnesses.

Unconstrained by the rigid structures of a law firm or other investigative services, we were able to kick off the investigation within 24-48 hours.


We delivered a roadmap for moving forward which enabled those involved to move on and strengthened organisational OHS for the future.

Our approach encouraged an honest and open reflection of what had occurred whilst remaining sensitive to the victim of the assault.

We kept an eye on the time, and ensured we not only understood what happened but also the complexities of the organisation’s services, people and how it works.

Workplace Wizards got feedback from participants that they appreciated the way they were treated during the interviews and felt they could contribute to potential solutions.

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